Now’s the ideal time to plan an end of summer getaway in sizzling Prague where a rooftop loft with jacuzzi rents for a fraction of the cost of overcrowded seaside resorts.

There are over one thousand Airbnb properties in Prague. I’ve searched through them to find the current top 10 properties so that you don't have to. Here are a few of the factors I typically considered:

1. Location, location, yes, location. All properties are situated within the districts of Prague 1, Prague 2 and Prague 3. Even though I’m partial to these districts myself they are the best for travelers to create a homebase for experiencing the city.

2. What’s really on offer. During my 15 years in the Czech Republic I’ve lived in eight different apartments in seven Prague districts (including Prague 2, Prague 3, Prague 4, Prague 5, Prague 6, Prague 7 and Prague 9). For better or for worse, I’ve experienced or seen just about every kind of accommodation “circumstance” that exists in Prague. This practical experience helps me to eliminate any potentially, less-desirable listings.

3. Architecture, furnishings and overall presentation. This provides a strong indication to me of how much the owner is willing to invest in the property and the comfort of its guests.

4. Guest reviews. These can be seriously misleading but are more easily digestible when taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. Nothing personal against guest reviewers it’s just oftentimes I see a lot of nitpicking and inability to see even the smallest of flaws in a greater context of a city, a country and its people. For instance, at one of the Prague Airbnb properties I searched the reviewer complains about how warm it was in the apartment. Well, here in Europe — and especially in the Czech Republic — air conditioning is not commonplace and is typically only found in larger establishments like shopping malls, movie theaters and such. Aside from that this summer in Europe has been unseasonably warm. So it’s not fair of this reviewer to complain about the heat when that’s something obviously beyond the property owner’s control.

5. Seeing through the descriptive fluff. I know where property owners here tend to stretch the truth, embellish or describe things in a way that differs slightly from reality. 

I have divided Prague's top 10 Airbnb properties into two categories:

Accommodates between one to three guests

  • Unique flat with rooftop terrace (*Note, this stellar property is listed first because I’ve actually experienced it myself first-hand when I recommended it for a friend of mine who, of course, thoroughly enjoyed it.)

  • Artistic rooftop loft with jacuzzi (pictured above)

  • Old Town City Center - Soukenicka Street

  • Cosy studio on a beautiful square.

Accommodates four or more guests

  • Palace Dlouha - Josefov

  • Huge designer apartment — 5 mins to city

  • Dream Duplex Apart in the Center

  • Chic design — luxury stay in center

  • Designer apartment

  • Contemporary duplex loft



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