writer & ADVISOR

I write, photograph, advise and speak on matters related to Travel & Meaningful Living.

Sample media:         

  • Curated photos for my community of over 20.000 travel aficionados. (Instagram: @wessencecom
  • Travel & Meaningful Living content including travel, lifestyle, health and editorials via my blog
  • Avant-Guide: Prague
  • Park Life: The Prague Kampa Park Cookbook
  • Videos including airplane take offs and landings, scenes from Prague and various adventures 




With myriad travel review sites and apps in existence today the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming — even for the most seasoned travelers. My expert travel advice helps cut through the chatter to help create the ideal travel experience.                     

How I help: 

  • Select and finalize just the right destinations, trip length and timing based on your individual  preferences
  • Create a personalized roster of recommended accommodations, restaurants, sights and activities
  • Show you how to get the most travel value for your money 


Prague Meander℠. A friendly stroll under the red roofs. A coffee and chlebíčky. A window on life during communism and what the future holds. Candid opinions about local establishments from eateries to accommodation and not-to-be-missed sights.

Prague Piknik℠ . What happens when you combine great company, great conversation, sunshine, an awesome patch on the grass, splendid views and brilliant food? It’s a picnic, or piknik in Czech! All the feelings of a tourist fade away. You belong here.

Western Bohemia: Karlovy Vary and Loket Castle. Sip the curative waters, splash around in a beer bath and stroll along the historic Colonnade in this reclusive resort spa town tucked into the hills of western Bohemia